Who’s Funding Planned Parenthood? Your Tax Dollars!

National Pro-Life Alliance reports that your hard-working taxpayer dollars are going to support the killing of unborn babies! It is said on their own website, in their most recent published annual report, the organization received $349.6 million from government grants and contract. We all know that Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion organization in the nation by encouraging women to kill their babies. It’s not like a woman is thinking about aborting her baby, no. They encourage you to kill your baby, even if the woman said no they’ll keep pushing till she agrees on it. Those people loves to slaughter unborn babies and they are doing it with your tax dollars by the banker run government.

In the first two years of the Barack Insane Obama Presidency with pro-abortion forces controlling both houses of Congress, they rammed through legislation that:

***  Will directly channel $7 billion in taxpayer funding to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood under the guise of “community health services;”

***  Will force ALL taxpayers to buy “government approved” insurance plans that MUST pay for abortive drugs and procedures;

***  Forces taxpayers to spend millions more to promote the abortion industry’s newest abortifacient drugs;

***  Opens the floodgates of tax dollars for abortion under the guise of “foreign aid,” side-stepping Ronald Reagan’s long-standing “Mexico City Policy.”

Planned Parenthood also receives money through the Medicaid and the new “Obamacare” program. (Personally, I call it Obamascam. Or Alex Jones call it Obankercare.)

This baby killing operation violate fundamental rights to life. And the US government who have no shame is using your tax dollars to murder its own citizen. Keep in mind that this whole abortion operation is part of the worlds depopulation eugenic operation by killing 85 to 90 percent of us, globally. And so Martin Fox, President of National Pro-Life Alliance asking us to put time, money and freedom of speech to push our lawmaker to protect the lives of the unborn that can’t who can not speech for themselves. If you care about innocent humans who don’t deserve death, contact your lawmaker and speak out for the unborn babies who can not.


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