Connecticut Shooting. Guns Aren’t The Problem, Psychopaths are.

Last Friday morning in Connecticut, there were a shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary that took the lives of 20 kids and several adults. The insane shooter got into the school and started killing adults and then kids with a military rifle. The rifle that the suspect was carrying belongs to his mother who volunteer at Sandy Hook Elementary.

It’s heart breaking that their love ones had their lives taken away by some crazy drug up person. But now we have anti-2nd amendment media exploiting the Connecticut shooting. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is calling for Obama to ban all hand gun and assault weapons by using executive powers to get it done without congress approval.

What government and media fail to understand that confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens will not keep us safe from the criminals who disobey the laws. In Connecticut, they have tougher gun laws, making super hard to get a gun. Yet, a psychopath manage to get his hands on an assault rifle and started killing innocent children and adults.

President Obama’s agenda is to abolish the 2nd amendment and bring in a fascist police state. He’ll exploit tragedy like the  batman shooting, the sheikh temple shooting and Sandy Hook shooting until his agenda finally succeed.

To protect the innocents you must arm the law-abiding citizens and disarm the criminals. Our constitutional rights to bear arms is in jeopardy. If Obama signs an executive order for gun confiscation, a civil war will break and Obama knows that. My heart goes out to the families who lost love ones in the shooting.


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