The “New Black Panthers” Are The New KKK.

The message that the so call “The New Black Panthers” say we should riot and kill white people in the name of Trayvon Martin is saying that we are fuck up in the head. In fact, this is a slap in the face of Martin Luther King, Malcolm, Rosa Parks, etc. These people fought and die for our civil right in America. Martin Luther King dream was that all race should come together as one and grow as a productive society where we treat people with kindness and respect for one another. It doesn’t matter if your Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, yellow, blue, green, it doesn’t matter of your skin color, but we are one race and that is human. Do you think killing white men, women and children is going to bring back Trayvon?

The New Black Panthers are so racist, around the 2012 elections in Philly The New Black Panther would stand outside the building door, intimidation white voting “The reigns of the white man is over.”  

Here a video from last year that the so call “The New Black Panthers” said that there’s going to be white blood on the streets.

The New Black Panthers don’t care about Trayvon Martin, they don’t care about the family of Trayvon Martin, they’re goal is not seeking justice but only to destroy communities in America. The Original Black Panthers stood up for equal rights for all race and respected the dream that Martin Luther King wanted.

The New Black Panthers are talking about commit murder. Where’s the Department of Justice on this? Oh, I forgot its the Department of Injustice. And the Media is stirring up race debating trying to get us to fight with each other. The New Black Panthers are a Nazi, terrorist, racist organization hell-bent on destroying everyone and everything. And whats worse is that here we have senators and congressmen about the war on terror and that the NDAA of 2012 is signed into law to “Protect” Americans from terrorist. I ask Obama why isn’t he “Protecting” us from the Terrorist known as the New Black Panthers? You and I know that the war on terror is a total fraud with all those false flags that the government keeps rowing out and getting caught lying to congress. Just look at 9/11 and see how that been staged.

This a racial divided to keep are minds off of why are the big banks aren’t going to jail for their fraud. Or why the IRS is allowed to rob who ever they want. Are they our basic right are being strip away every time something big happen. Or why they allowing Monsanto to poison the food causing cancer and have other things that is not allow in your body that can kill you.

I can go on of the criminal act that the New World Order are doing because they are the enemies of humanity not ourselves. The New Black Panthers are a government op set up to get a race war as an excuse declared Marshal Law. Look at Boston, they shut down entire city to catch one bomber and started pointing guns at families like criminal. And the sad part about it that the citizen of Boston cheering USA as they celebrating their enslavement. And the cops was labeled heroes when in reality they committed a crime.

This crap about whites being racist have to end. This sick and twisted Social Engineering have to end. We need to stand together or hang separate as I quoted Thomas Jefferson. I’m sorry for the Martin families lost for their son. But having violate riots and killing innocent white people is not the answer. And to use that poor boy as excuse to evil. The New Black Panthers Are The New KKK.


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