The Batman Massacre In Denver Colorado. My God.

On July 20, The Dark Knight Rises was being shown on midnight in Denver Colorado. And then it became a massacre in the theater. 24-year-old man James Holmes, who dress up as the Batman villain Bane walk in the theater and started shooting people. 12 murdered, 58 injured and some in critical condition and remained hospitalized.

This happen when we’re just 7 days away from the United Nations Small Arms Treaty to be sign by President Frank Marshall Davis.Jr AKA Barack Obama. Mayor Bloomberg is demanding both Obama and Romney publicly come out in favor of expanding gun control. I hate those guys. So I believe in Colorado was a staged event to help push the treaty through just like Fast and Furious was a staged event. Terrorist Eric Holder shipping gun to Mexico that got 300 Mexican killed including 2 US border patrol than blame it on the 2nd Amendment. And those innocent men, women and children who were caught up in that evil plot so that the Senate can ratified it.

James Holmes was arrested but that’s not good enough. I believe there’s more behind this. Alex Jones has talked about US troops been given psychotropic drugs that make them behave like lunatics and start killing people just like that Massacre in Afghanistan when Staff Sergeant Robert Bales murder 16 Afghan civilian and then later it find out he was on psychotropic drugs. Now I’m not saying he shouldn’t get out of jail but whoever made the drugs should be in jail also. I believe James Holmes was on Psychotropic drug that someone gave to him that made him go crazy. I demand further investigation.

My sympathy goes out to the families and friends that lost love ones in the shooting.

My God.


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