Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Individual Mandate Constitutional. (What!)

Our basic rights strip away from us again thanks to 5 sellout Supreme Court Judges who wipe their asses with the constitution and ruled Obamacare constitutional. Now 35 million americans will be forced to buy socialist government mandate health insurance whether you want to or not. Chief Justice Robert who the people had high hopes that Obamacare wouldn’t see the light of day, instead Robert took away our rights to choose.

As President Barack Insane Obama  smiling that communist smile knowing that it will help big insurance company and the big banks,that people wont be getting the proper care they need because it’s government-run health care. They decide what treatment you need and they will decide what goes in your body. Like RFID chips that will be implanted in your body medical reason but the real reason is to track you where ever you are. It’s even keeps your banking information as well because they want a cashless society where if you owe the IRS they can just take it out at anytime. They wont start implanting RFID chips in us between 2013 or 2014. It’s so unconstitutional and so sick.

And speaking about the IRS because of this health scam bill the IRS can gain access to your medical records. Isn’t that nice. The IRS can violate your privacy by going in your records. Presidential candidates Mitt Romney give a speech saying “Obamacare is bad and if you vote for me I’ll repeal it.” Which it’s fine but didn’t Romney help wrote Obamacare along with the big insurance company and the big banks? But I have to believe the Romney is going to repeal what he helped wrote? Look people have to understand once Mitt Romney is voted in, he will bring in Romneycare which it is just as bad as Obamacare. The Supreme Court ruled the mandate is a tax. Senator Rand Paul is speaking out against Obamacare. We all need to do the same and fight those communist who is destroying america because the constitution of the United States matters a lot to us.


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