Scientist at University School of Indiana Developing Anti-suicide Nasal Spray For US Army.

For those of you that are depressed and can’t take it anymore. Don’t kill yourself, just take a anti-suicide nasal spray and your depression will go away. The US Army gave 3 million dollars grant to Dr. Michael Kubek to develop a nasal spray that delivers an antidepressant chemicals straight to the brain.

38 soldiers has committed suicide on July 26 2012. Then later the Army reported the 66 active-duty has committed suicide and they’re investigating 50 more suicides from active-duty soldier, making a total 116 suicides. The Pentagon has reported that the troops kill themselves more times than in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. These unnecessary wars our troops keeps going to are have them commit suicide. They are sick of it.

The naturally occurring neurochemicals (TRH) known as thyrotropin-releasing hormone could slow down the rate of suicide. The chemical has a euphoric, calming, antidepressant effect. (TRH) has been shown to decrease suicidal ideas, depression and bipolar disorders.

Now Dr. Michael Kubek’s research team of scientist is hard at work devising ways for the nasal cavity can safely carry TRH through the blood brain barrier. Suicide rates is exploding, meanly because of killing of innocent people. They are depressed because of new wars and it needs to stop. As for the anti-suicide nasal spray I don’t believe it will work and what if after they taken the spray what if the depression worsen? And if it does work, will they us it on the US civilian population? Because suicide rates are increasing. It’s the fourth leading causes of death between the ages of 18 and 65 everyday.



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