Ron Paul’s Powerful And Heartwarming Farewell Speech.

It’s sad to see this great man leave after 33 years of service to this country. Dr. Paul is the only congressmen to said NO to every unconstitutional bill and said YES to every constitutional bill. He never gave up on Auditing the private non-federal reserve that robbing this country and promoting liberty everywhere.

He has exposed the New World Order and their agenda to bankrupt this country, start world war 3, finally bring in world government that’s unelected and dictatorial. This maybe his last time standing on the house floor but the liberty movement will continue to beat down the tyrants that is trying to make the american people poor and enslave for the greedy control freaks.

The only way the people can have freedom is that We The People must protect the US constitution that the globalist is calling for it abolishment. We must wake up and see that we have criminal in the white house. President Obama have total disregard for human rights and that Obama is a dictating communist who want to murder innocent people by executive order kill list and violates the right of due process in america.

The time is now. Wake up or your going to wish you’ve woke up sooner.


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