Ron Paul Tries To Repeal NDAA.

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is seeking to repeal section 1021 of the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the military to indefinite detention to any American citizens without trail or due process if the government suspect you involvement in terrorism. This bill also grants the powers to indefinite detention you by President Obama and the next administration, which Barack Obama wanted  section 1021 to be in bill. This section of the bill is a clear violates the 5th amendment just like the Patriot Act which a clear violates of the 4th amendment. But that’s not saying much, the NDAA violates the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th amendment showing how little your Government cares about the bill of rights. Oh, and may I add that the bill also allows secret arrest, torture in some secret location (Gitmo) and assassinations of american citizen without trail or due process and declared the whole world as a battlefield including in American soil on meaning endless wars. Scary right. But what make this so insane that the NDAA also allow beastly in the military. You can have sex with farm animals in the military. I wish I was kidding about this twilight zone we’re living in. And to remind you that Obama sign a 668 billion dollar defense bill for the military. By them violating the Constitution should be brought up on changes for high treason against the United States of American. But that’s not going to happen since our Government is corrupt. Congressmen Ron Paul who isn’t corrupt and bought off  has introduce new legislation to remove section 1021 from that anti-constitution bill. Hopefully more sections of the bill can get repeal because we the people don’t need to be living in 1930′s German and be in fear for the rest of our lives just so they can have their New World Order and start tyranny on the American people.


On December 31, 2011 just hours towards the New Year President Barack Obama signed the NDAA that legalizes all the things I’ve told you about. Yes it was 3 weeks ago but still shocking knowing he signed a bill.

Note that this bill doesn’t protect the American people, It protect the Government from the American people. For god sakes the government is targeting US. military veterans as the enemy. The bill is law, but they can’t legalize tyranny.  The bill is unconstitutional therefore should be repeal, the treasonous senator and congress who vote Aya should be removed of office and impeached, the authors of the NDAA bill should be impeached and should take a drug test because they look like they were on drugs the way they were looking and talk and Obama should be impeached and jailed for his failure to his Oath in office to Preserve, Protect and Defend the constitution of the United States of American. In the constitution states that if a unconstitutional bill his been voted and signed that the bill should be Null and Void.

People wake up.


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