Raw Milk Seller, James Stewart Was Assaulted And Arrested By Bounty Hunters.

This is coo-coo for coco puff insane how our world is becoming these days. 65-year-old, James Stewart, AKA: “Milk Man”  and founder of Rawesome Foods, was assaulted near his home by three armed goons driving unmarked white luxury with no license plates. They force his head down on car checking his pockets say there a $1000 warrant for his arrest. They assaulted that man like if he was selling crack to little kids or something. No! They arrested him for selling raw milk to people who wanted to buy. I can Image if he was selling poison raw milk to his customers, than arrest him. His crime is selling raw milk. Then one of the gangster wanted the guy to put away his camera and refuses to because you have the right to film them. This is straight out of the Nazi Germany. We are dealing with Nazi’s in america where they can arrest you for anything.

Bounty Hunters driving with no license plates, intimidate witnesses, carrying guns. When I saw the video I was thinking NDAA. I know in court Judge Kathrine Forrest rule that the Indefinite Detention bill unconstitutional. But what I found out that after the ruling that strike down the section 1021 that they were going to do it anyway. So I thought that James Stewart was going to be Indefinitely detain. But that’s not the case. Good thing his friends bail him out. This shows just how out of control they are, to arrest a man for selling raw healthy milk. Mean while, the real criminals are getting away with everything and never get arrested for it. Farmers get assaulted, arrested and having to pay huge fines for having dust on their farms.

Wake up people!!!


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