Rand Paul Threatening Journalists With Arrest and Fire From Job For Just Asking Question?

Now it’s time to ask the question of should we the people trust Senator Rand Paul? It bad enough he’s endorse Mitt Romney instead of his own father and now he is threatening Independent Journalist Abby Martin for just asking questions. That’s what a Journalist do right, ask questions? If Rand don’t want to answer questions than he should do what other cowardly politicians do and just walk away. But now he threaten a Journalist for just doing her job by frighten and intimidate her with arrest and being fired from her job as a Journalist from RT. Thank god she wasn’t fire or arrested. But arrested for what really? Asking important questions about your endorsement of Mitt Romney and why you wont endorse your own father? Abby Martin who is a Journalist for RT news being interviewed by Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange. We have a constitution that protect use from power tripping politician but as we all know that they wipe their asses with the constitution so many times that you couldn’t read the words anymore. Again, I question Rand loyalty to the Liberty Movement. Will Senator Rand Paul turn to the dark-side and support unconstitutional legislation that may cripple the Liberty Movement? Because he did violation of her First Amendment Right by threatening her with arrest and maybe even fire from her job.


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