President Obama Could Get 3rd Term If H.J.Res.15 Passes, Abolishing 22nd Amendment.

We are at a Constitutional crisis.

House.Joint.Resolution.15 was introduced by Rep. José Serrano [D-NY15] on Jan 4, 2013 that will repeal the twenty-second Amendment, removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

The last President to serve more than two terms was Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt served three full terms as President and was elected to a fourth term. Roosevelt died 83 days into his fourth term in office.

President Obama is a hardcore communist dictator who hates liberties in america. He has broken his oath of office to uphold the constitution of the United States of America. Obama is seeking to use executive power to abolish the 2nd Amendment, which Obama in 2008 promise he wont ban guns.

On March 2012 Obama turned over our military to the United Nation, which its treason. On March 2013, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is set to vote. If pass, Obama will force the Senate to Ratified and ban all hand guns from law-abiding-citizen in america.

This treasonous gun grabbing is going to start a civil war in America.

There’s been talk about Obama getting a 3rd term ever since during his 1st term and that could be a reality if H.J.Res.15 passes. Obama is already committing treason since the beginning of his first term as president. Having him as president for life is suicide towards our sovereignty in the US. Most of the Obama supporters don’t even know better so they will support the Resolution. So they will go along with it as long as Obama keeps giving them free petty stuff.

We must defend the constitution both foreign and domestic.

H.J.Res.15 is unconstitutional

PDF: BILLS-113hjres15ih


One response to “President Obama Could Get 3rd Term If H.J.Res.15 Passes, Abolishing 22nd Amendment.

  • Jawan Bates

    Wow. So basically you’re saying I’m making shit up. You act if so I was making it up. Guess what, I have proof on my site that the bill is real and still on the books. I’ m just letting people know whats going on. You brain fuck!

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