Obama’s Hope and Change mean Dependency and Slavery.

In 2008, was the year that a black man became President of the United States of America. He promised us “Hope and Change” for America, that he’ll create new jobs and end wars that is costing billions of tax payer money. Once President Obama got into office, here comes the deception.

The Drudge Report ported a video clip that went viral, of a woman who is so disconnected from reality thinking that Obama cares about you. The woman who sounds like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street love the fact that she doesn’t have to do nothing because Obama is going to give you free stuff. Just like he said in 2008 that he was going to give you a free house and a free car, and did they get what Obama promise?

One of our biggest automobile industry in America, Obama want to ship General Motors over to China. And he’s doing it with your tax money.

47 percent of American are depended on food stamps because of the high unemployment and the ones that are employed, their incomes are so low they have to turn to government in order to get by. When there is dependency, there is slavery.

By Obama promising his voters a free house, free car and to pay their gas bill, shows just how rotten this man really is. People who are dependent on the government has no idea that Obama want you poor, so you can be easily controlled and enslaved my the globalist who funded and control Obama.

This is a man who had the balls to get on TV and tell entrepreneurs you didn’t build that. The words of a communism. Now I know there are people who are struggling day by day just so they can get by and get their life straight so they can stop being depended and become independent. Here’s the problem, government don’t want you independent because the best way to enslave you is to make dependent on big government. And what make government so dirty to make you a dumb down slave they want you dependent ever thought you are independent.

Like I said?

Obama’s Hope and Change mean Dependency and Slavery.

And it’s so sad to say it yet, so true.


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