Mother Arrested and Sent to Jail for Letting Her Children Play Outside.

I feel like I’m in East Germany when I heard about this. This is another example of an everyday out of control Police State, with sick control freaks who wants to put innocent people in jail for something ridiculous like Tammy Cooper, a stay-at-home Mom from La Porte, Texas was arrested for letting 6-year-old and 9-year-old kids play outside.

Police pulled up to the Mothers home and slap the handcuffs on her after a neighbor complain that Tammy’s kids were outside, unsupervised which that was a lie. Tammy was force to spent the night in jail for “Child endangerment.” I can’t believe that the police came over and arrested her for something that’s not a crime. And why is the neighbor isn’t arrested for making a false complain. Where’s the commonsense in this country? And it’s not just Tammy Cooper was arrested, wrongfully. There are other parents that are being arrested all over the country for the same case.

We can not sit back and accept the pussification of america. We have to speak out against sick nobody tyrants who want the turn this country into a Prison State of America. This is how the Nanny State works, to always teach you that your guilty, the state is god and government have parental rights over your children’s and you have nothing. Now the good new is that the changes that was filed against her were drop, but humiliating still lives on. So she is fighting with a law sued against the Police Department, hoping to seek justice for a crime Tammy Cooper didn’t commit.

Have we all played outside when we were kids?

Just a bunch of weak, heartless control freaks that wants to run your life.

It’s time to say NO to these tyrants, they the real terrorist, not us.


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