Jason Whitlock Called The NRA The New KKK.

Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock was on CNN’s Roland Martin Show and he made a controversial statement about the (NRA) The National Rifle Association, saying that they are the new KKK. This is another nonsense attack against our 2nd amendment rights by labeling gun rights activist as racist. Just like they label people as racist if they don’t like government-run healthcare.

People should know if you disarm law-abiding citizens by gun control laws that it wont stop criminals for getting their hands on one. Chicago for example ever since they had their guns ban, crimes has explode:

  • Highest Homicide
  • Highest Robbery
  • Highest Vehicle Theft
  • Highest Everything

Law-abiding citizens in Chicago his been disarm and yet crime has gone up. When you citizens armed, crime has lowered but when you disarm the citizens crime is high. Where’s the commonsense at?

Bob Costas an NBC Sports Broadcaster who uses the NFL to push their Anti-gun propaganda say that the NFL player shoot and kill his girlfriend than himself but lets leave out that he was on some psychotropic drugs. The idiocy by Jason Whitlock should not go unnoticed. The NRA should demand a public apology from Jason or sue him.

Note: The Ku Klux Klan lobby for gun bans in america to keep guns out the hands of  black people. Jason Whitlock is supporting what the KKK lobby for! Congratulations sellout. 


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