Hollywood Pushing SOPA Like Bills To Shut Down Sites And Imprison You.

Hollywood just won’t stop waging war against the Internet. They are now trying to push SOPA like bill to encourage the Department of Justice to shut down your website and even imprison you just for you aggregating linking to sites the movie industry doesn’t like. Yeah, they don’t like you criticizing them so with SOPA like bills they can shut you down and have you arrested just like Richard O’Dwyer from the UK and was extradited to the US for Copyright Infringement.

Hollywood spends millions of dollars trying their best to buy politicians. They’ve even tried repeatedly let a sell-out like Senator Patrick Leahy to sponsor the Senate version of SOPA and the chairman of the powerful Senate Jurisdiction Committee, which has jurisdiction over most bills that Hollywood cares about.

I’ve been getting a lot of information about SOPA coming back or something about trying to introducing SOPA like bills. But this isn’t about Copyright Infringement where they claim their being robbed of billions upon billions of dollars when in truth that the real reason their not making the money that they’ve hope is because of the crappy movie they produce.

We all know that the Stop Online Piracy Act is a cover for Internet Censorship. It’s bad enough that CISPA passed in the House by lying yet again that it “create jobs.” (How in the hell a Cyber Security bill going to create jobs? Or my other question, how in the hell congress fall for that lie when CISPA clearly violates the 4th Amendment and Censor the web.)

After all the effort that We The People has put forth to defend the 1st Amendment, Hollywood want our politicians to push SOPA like bill and encourage the Department of Justice to shut down website and imprison you for sites that criticizing them. I’m not defending who violates Copyright but this is childish to violate your 1st Amendment because they can’t take criticism. Well you made the movie for me to watch and if it good I’ll blog about it and of course hollywood would read it and like it. But if I don’t like the movie and I’ll blog about you and you don’t like what I post you’ll censor me? Hollywood and mega corporations will try to get what they want but will you let them? We need to keep our eyes and ears open for anything they maybe planning because they are talking about jailing you not just for Copyright Infringement but for criticisms of any kind and they want the Department of Justice to do just that just like the IRS wanting to enforce Obamacare tax to give to the financial terrorist bankers. So let make should when their done cooking up there next bill. Lets do it to that bill just like we rip the guts out of SOPA.


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