False Flag Cyber Attack Is a Pretext to Sign Executive Order To Take Over The Web.

It’s no question that the Constitution of the United State of America mean absolutely nothing to Barack Obama. The Cyber Security bill known as CISPA, pass the house and later failed to pass in the senate thanks to Senator Al Franken and Senator Ron Wyden for protecting our 4th amendment rights. Maybe we celebrated a little too soon as Obama is preparing to sign Executive Order to make CISPA law.

A couple of days ago they were a cyber attack on the white house computer systems by the “Chinese government” if you can believe that bogus story. The US government has always staged false Flag attack for their political agenda. Look at 9/11, hey the government staged that event to bring in a Police State. Look at the Batman massacre in Colorado, how that was staged right around the time Obama was going to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty and have the senate ratified it to confiscate guns in america, abolishing the 2nd Amendment.

This unconstitutional executive order that Obama may sign will allow the Pentagon to spy on your every move you do on the internet, abolish our 4th amendment rights. The executive order allows the United Nations to tax the web and have Internet ID so they can track and tax you.

Internet freedom is hanging by a thread just like our 1st Amendment. There no end to Obama treasonous acts again our republic and I am calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama for his failure to uphold the oath of office. How much abuse from this tyrannical government can you take before you realize that all your constitutional rights are strip away and you end up in some FEMA camp in america?

Wake up and stop being  sheep!


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