CISPA Senate Version Set To Vote Next Week. You Ready?

It’s time to beat down CISPA that wants to beat down our 4th Amendment rights. It’s still surprises me how CISPA passes the House of Representatives a couple of months ago. Now we need our Senator to OPPOSE the bill that threaten our privacy. But lets just say CISPA passed the Senate and President Frank Marshall Davis.Jr AKA Barack Obama sign it into law.

Good news? They have added new provision to the bill.

  • Keep the data in the hands of civilian agencies (as opposed to the National Security Agency);
  • Restrict the government’s use of the information to cyber security issues and the prevention of immediate physical harm;
  • Require annual reporting on the data’s use;
  • Let American sue the government for abuse; and
  • A clandestine attack on Net Neutrality has been removed.

So everything is looking good so far. Oh, and who is they? Our true american patriots Senators Al Franken and Mr OPEN act Senator Ron Wyden. (I wonder whatever happen to the OPEN act?) I want to thank them for adding new provision that help us in case the government gets out of line. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight this. Those provision are there for insurance case it does pass. But now lets add CISPA to a list of other threaten bills we have murdered like SOPA, PIPA and ACTA.

Goto and sign a petition and protect internet privacy. Click here to save the web.


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