Breaking Down President Obama’s 2nd Term If Re-elected.

We’re so close to November’s 2012 election. There a high chance that Obama will get his 2nd term even though he doesn’t deserve it. So here are 6 things he will do, if re-elected:

  1. The United Nation’s Small Arm Treaty is not dead. Obama still plans on signing and try to force the Senate to ratify it into US law. Article 15 states that foreign troops are allowed to come on US soil and confiscate guns in America. This treason that Obama will commit will cause a civil war in America because people aren’t going to surrender their right to bear arms.
  2. The CISPA bill is dead. But since Obama is a dictator he wants to sign an Executive Order to make it law. 
  3. The collapse of the economic could lead to Martial Law. The collapse of the economic could happen at anytime. Some say it could happen later this year. Some say it could happen in the middle of 2013. The point is that Obama and his control need an excuse to goto Martial Law and what better way to get the military on the streets of america by a good old collapse of the economic.
  4. Abolishing the 1st Amendment. 2 months ago Obama reply, “I’m going to shut them “birther” up.” Yeah, because you can’t have slaves speaking out now can you. That they the army have built re-education camps in america to take in political dissidents who speaks out again the government. Meaning if they say the grass is red you better agree with them or it off to the re-education camps for you.
  5. You don’t like Obama breaking in to cellphones, making hear his propaganda? Tough, because they have plan to break in you phone, computer and game systems just so you hear his BS. 
  6. Forced vaccination. Obama plans to sign Executive Order to have us vaccinated by force. If you don’t know the vaccine are laced with mercury, heavy lead and cancer virus in them that they know can hurt you or kill you. There murdering criminal and we can’t let them get away with this. If you don’t believe me look it up. These people are insane.

There’s my 6 things that Obama will do if re-elected. And if you think Mitt Romney is your last hope, your dead wrong. Obama and Romney are puppets to the foreign banker that is robbing this country and order countries around the world. Please, wake up you sheep.     


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