Bill Gates Pays Media To Call Him a Super Hero.

Bill Gates pays the media to go on air and say he is a “Super Hero”, but in realty Bill Gates is a sick, murdering, scat loving, pro eugenic, New World Order, heartless, soulless, pro war, child murdering, food and water poisoning, psycho path, anti-american, anti-human trash. This is a guy who want to give your kids vaccine full Mercury, cancer virus and aluminum. Those vaccine also causes autism and they may one day want to force you to take them so you may want to fight. Bill Gates advertised heavily making GMO Genetically Modified Food, were genetically modified the DNA in food that slow kill people so they can reduce the world’s population so it will be more easier to manage for the New World Order. Bill Gates is also a Global Warming alarmist who is also for carbon taxes and they want to tax everything, even the air you breathe. The carbon taxes you pay Al Gore to will fund their Global Government where they are gods and you are a slave. Bill Gates is not a Hero he’s a Zero. He is evil. He want to kill as many people as he can. Go look up the information for yourself. We must fight this or your children will be living in hell of the hands of the New World Order.


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