[Breaking News!!!] Bilderberg Wants Ron Paul DEAD!

The liberty movement is still going strong. So strong that the global criminal mafia known as the Bilderberg Group wants Ron Paul DEAD! Jim Tucker who been infiltrating Bilderberg for years reveals that one of the members of Bilderberg quote “I want to get a Muslim Islamic terrorist on the plane and crash it with Ron Paul and his supporters in it.” Yeah just like our government planned 9/11. That was a pretty bold statement which I fear for Ron Paul’s life. Bilderberg is totally upset that of years their plans to bring in a world government is constantly being held back. People who love liberty is resisting all the globalist nazi programs because we are not slaves. And people globally is still believe that man-made global warming is a hoax to bring in a global carbon tax scam. We The People can win this for liberty. The New World Order are the real criminals of humanity. The quicker you wake up and realize that, the quicker they get life in prison. If their lucky. People, the crimes that they committed trying to set this world government up is so legion they will get the death penalties for all their terrorist acts against the world. And that why they fear Ron Paul so must that they want to kill him and if anything happens to him we all know who to blame. I hope Dr. Paul have tight security. Ron Paul 2012

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