The UN Small Arms Treaty.On July 27th, Our Second Amendment rights Is In Jeopardy.

Global government is out in the open now. And for years, the National Association for Gun Rights has led the fight again the New World Order HeadQuarter known as the United Nation and their Small Arms Treaty. Right at this critical time, gun grabbing bureaucrats around the nation are coming to New York City to draft the UN Small Arms Treaty. Speaking for the freak dictator Obama, another freak Hillary Clinton has high hopes that the global UN Small Arms Treaty. This Treaty will ban all semi auto weapons globally and allowing the tyrants to full take over with a dictatorial world government and a global police force to arrest you for anything they want and take you away and do what ever they want with you and you will not have the protection of the US constitution. Hell the US constitution is being shredded up with Obama’s treason.

Once the treaty is signed and the terrorist United Nation bureaucrats working to “build consensus” to ensure the treaty includes the demands of petty tyrants worldwide, and that freak Clinton and dictator Obama will do what ever it takes in their power to force it through the US Senate before the election. Why we having our 2nd Amendment rights strip away? It’s not our fault Eric Holder is a terrorist.

Good news from the National Association for gun rights that they have collected close to a million signing of their Official firearms Sovereignty Surveys against the UN Small Arms Treaty with tens of thousands of more pouring in each week! Thanks to Senator Rand Paul.

July 27th maybe D-Day for our Second Amendment rights. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over. If the Senate push this treaty through that this along with Obama’s 2nd term will start a civil war. The military and police have a decision to make? Are you going to serve a communist, murdering, dictator who takes orders from his puppet master banker and the UN or are you going to serve the people of America and uphold the constitution. I you hope you choose wisely because we are at that endgame right now. The question is who game will end? Us or the New World Order. It’s time to fight to be free or be slaves till death.


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