2014 NDAA Quietly Passed And On Its Way To King Obama’s Desk.


Congress still wonders why they are the most disliked, distrust and treasonous un-American piece of crap the world has ever seen. Or maybe they just don’t care? On December 20th 2013 the House[…] Continue Reading.

The “New Black Panthers” Are The New KKK.


The message that the so call “The New Black Panthers” say we should riot and kill white people in the name of Trayvon Martin is saying that we are fuck up in the head. In fact, this is a slap in the face […] Continue Reading

Jury Finds Zimmerman Not Guilty. No Justice for the Martin Family.

20130714_georgezimmerman_600Jury Finds Zimmerman Not Guilty. No Justice for the Martin Family.  You need more proof that justice system is a total joke?  First they wanted Zimmerman to go down for Second degree murder and then have the […] Continue Reading


Obama Classmate: No One At Columbia Class Reunion Ever Saw Obama AKA Soetoro

So people at Columbia don’t know Obama? Do anyone see a problem with that? And remind you that President Obama’s records are sealed under the CIA.

Gun Control – Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned.

What happens in Australia can happen here in the U.S. if we don’t fight to keep our gun rights.

Ever since the gun ban in Australia took place.

The results:

  • Armed Robberies ↑ 69%
  • Assaults With Guns ↑ 28%
  • Gun Murders ↑ 19%
  • Home Invasions ↑ 21%

Our politicians can not guarantee your safety and the safety of your family. Only YOU can guarantee safe. Please fight for the Second Amendment.

Bilderberg 2013: List of Participants In Criminal Meeting.


See who on the Terrorist list. Click here.


Bilderberg 2013: Global Criminal Meeting To End Freedom Worldwide.


Bilderberg 2013 has begun as the mega rich and government meet in secret to bring in a criminal corporate world government[…] Continue Reading


Watch “Pharma Flakes Cereal: Genetically Engineered Delicious!” on YouTube

Big Pharma just wont quit until we all DIE!!!!!!!!!!



Mass Shooting In New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade.


There were a mass shooting in the Mother’s Day Parade, wounding 19 people, including two children. Thankfully, no one was killed in shooting. […] Continue Reading

World Unites Against the Illuminati: Professor Griff on Fire!

Professor Griff on infowars talking about the promises the President Obama his broken since he was elected into office. And also talk about just how criminal our federal government really is just so they can establish a one world government and enslave and imprison the worlds population.


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